Public Education

Our future as Americans depends on every child having a quality education. To have the best and most qualified workforce, we must continue to invest in education. I will fight to protect our public schools.  

The quality of a child's education should not be determined by their school district or their zip code. I will fight to make sure students at 2A schools have the same resources, and the same opportunities, as students in any other district.

I will fight to protect small schools from closing or consolidating. Funding for small and underfunded schools (Title I) is under attack. Schools with small enrollments are facing budget cuts and possible closures. I will fight to protect these schools, these students, and these teachers.

I oppose vouchers and privatization. These so called “voucher” can force parents to pay a premium if they want their gifted child in Advanced Placement or college track programs. I oppose any system where recognition is something that is bought instead of earned.

Higher Education

Our district is home to world class universities, incredible community colleges, and exception trade schools. Those that are interested and qualified should be encouraged to attend these institutions. We cannot allowthe rising cost of higher education to hold back our next generation of innovators. 

Here is my plan for higher education:

1) Encourage more people to enroll in trade schools and vocational programs. There are thousands of good paying jobs in these fields waiting to be filled. We should be encouraging our high school graduates to consider these options.

2) We must reduce the cost of tuition for students that choose to attend traditional 4-year colleges. We can do this by increasing higher education funding on the federal level. If we are to compete on the world stage, we have to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

3) Every student should have the option to work their way through college. To do this, we must increase work-study programs so students can help pay their way through college and get valuable job experience.

4) Teachers, police officers, and nurses are the foundation of our society. They invest in our society every day. It is time we invest in them. We must reform student loan forgiveness programs for public service.