Fixing the AFfordable Care Act

The biggest problem facing families and businesses is that healthcare premiums continue to rise and deductibles are way too high. It has become obvious that the Republicans in Congress have no clue how to solve this problem. Their plan will only make things worse, especially for those over 50 year old. The current healthcare bill will impose an "age tax" which allows insurance companies to charge older adults five times what younger consumers pay for health insurance. According to the AARP, the age tax could increase annual premiums by $13,000 for anyone over 50.

My solution to this problem is to introduce real competition into the insurance market. Right now, most people are insured by whatever insurer their job offers. Let’s change that by letting YOU pick which company you buy insurance from and have your employer cover the same percentage they do now. This will drive down prices as every insurance company will be competing for your business in a clear and transparent market.

We will also introduce a Public Option for health insurance. We will allow individuals to enroll in Medicare for a price similar to market competitors. This will keep insurance companies from price gouging customers.

And finally, we will allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. Pharmaceutical companies will now have to be competitive when negotiating prices with government programs. No more government handouts, no more price gouging our seniors. 

Women’s Health

We must promote health and wellness for all women. Access to contraception, annual well-woman exams, and preventative screenings must be protected. Simply put, we cannot allow employers or insurance companies to come between a woman and her doctor. I will oppose any legislation that is counter to these principles.