Voting Rights

The most essential right in our America is the right to vote. That is why I propose we make voting easier – not harder.

We can do this with simple, common sense approaches.

  1. Make Election Day a national holiday so that working men and woman have greater access to the ballot box.
  2. All eligible voters become registered the day they turn 18, unless they choose to opt-out.
  3. Ensure there are an adequate number of polling locations in every district. No more 3 hour lines wrapping around a city block.
  4. Allow students to use their university IDs to cast their vote. If states insist on enacting voter ID laws, we must make sure that it does not infringe of any eligible citizen’s right to vote.
  5. Allow vote by mail for all registered voters. States across the nation have had vote by mail for all voters for years. They have no problems of “voter fraud” and have among the highest voter turnout in the nation. It is time we make this the national standard.