Dale is a fifth generation Texan, born and raised in Milam County.

Dale comes from a long line of central Texas blue collar workers. Unfortunately, the good paying, hardworking jobs we all depend on have left our district. Families are hurting in the small towns and the big cities across central Texas. But no one in Washington DC seems to be paying attention – including our current representative. That is why Dale has decided to run for congress: to serve the people of District 17, not special interest groups and big money donors.

Dale has spent his career working with community coalitions and in the Texas legislature to achieve real and sustainable change. He will use these skills to represent the best interests of places in our district - like his hometown of Rockdale - to bring good paying jobs back home.

He is a graduate of Angelo State University (B.A. History) and Texas State University (Masters of Public Administration) and will soon finish his doctorate at The University of Texas School of Public Health.